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I always wanted to fix my smile. Just the idea of making the appointment stresses me out. I saw VirtuSmiles on Instagram and figured this is something I could do. I uploaded my picture and within 24 hours I was sent several options with prices along with a before and after! All this without setting foot in the office.

Camila A.

I was able to upload my image and the Doctor sent me a video response with a before and after of what was suggested. I was impressed! I was also able to request the appointment on that page. Looking forward to getting the work done.

Ed G.

“Of all the efforts to inform and attract the type of patient who wants the services I offer, none in the past have brought in patients who sign up at an 80% rate like the VirtuSmile patients do. They come in with a good idea of what they need, a good idea of what it will cost them and with the blessing of their spouse. It is a great time saver and very efficient at enabling me to do the procedures that I like to do. I certainly wish that I would have discovered this years ago.”

Keith C Flannery

“I’m a lot more comfortable talking with patients about the cosmetic dentistry process. Smile Virtual has definitely opened up doors for me as far as the amount of cosmetic dentistry I get to do. I just find it really helpful because I’m able to give patients all the information they need before they ever meet me face to face.”

Dr. Richard B Pierre

Why VirtuSmile?

Better Connection

Simply put VirtuSmile allows dentists and patients a chance to remotely interact for consultations. This gives patients a way to better understand the process. It's a time saver for both the dentist and the patient. Win-Win!

Clear Results

VirtuSmile is all about getting patients access to any number of treatment options based on recommendations specific to their situation. From basic questions to the more complex, VirtuSmile will give you the answers you need!

Saves Time

VirtuSmile closes the gap between dentists and patients and allows you to meet prior to the actual in-office visit. This way, you become a better-informed patient which creates more possibilities for you to achieve the smile you have always wanted!

Request An Appointment

Note that this is just a request and the office will call to confirm date and time as the office calendar doesn't sync with the VirtuSmile requests at this time. Expect a call the same business day or after hours the next morning.