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How Can Patients See Me?
The patients will be able to check your profile once they go to a page where in all the dentists in our directory is listed. They will be putting their ZIP code your dental office name or your name as well. All premium members in our app is always listed at the top, even when searching per state or by zip code.
How Can Patients Send Me Their Inquiries?
When the patients click your profile on our directories, they will see see a button that says “Send Message”.
Where Will I See My Patients Messages to Me?
When a patient sends you a message, you will see their messages on the messages page where you can check on your dashboard that says “Messages”. If you are online, you will see a pop-up on the lower-right corner of your screen the name of the patient that sends you a message, and you will be directed on the thread when you clicked the pop-up. You will also be notified on your email when a patient sends you a message.
How Can I Change Information on My Profile Page?
You can send us a message via the contact form below and choose on the dropdown “Request For Information Change” and you will receive an email from us regarding the information change request.

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Note that this is just a request and the office will call to confirm date and time as the office calendar doesn't sync with the VirtuSmile requests at this time. Expect a call the same business day or after hours the next morning.